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Hilton Head Real Wood Decorative tide Clock Hilton Head 16.5" Tide Clock

Hilton Head 16.5"Tide Clock

The Woodchart Hilton Head Tide Clock is made from precision laser cut and etched Baltic birch. Our nautical tide clock depicts the landscape of Hilton Head as well as the surrounding shorelines. The Hilton Head Tide Clock is sixteen and a half inches in diameter and features an outline of the island with a recessed layer below the land to provide a beautiful dimension. Water depth contours are laser etched into the clock’s face to show the topographical lines of the ocean floor and are highlighted by a deep blue-grey stain..

How Does a tide clock work?

The lunar day is 24 hours and 50 minutes long & the moon is the biggest influence on the tides! Since there are two high tides each lunar day our tide clocks rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes. Quartz tide clocks are perfect for the more predictable tides of the Eastern United States. You can always set your tide clock by either a quick internet search for high tide in your area for the next high tide, or set it monthly at the full or new moon.

Nautical Tide Clock of Hilton Head Highlights:
  • Made of high-quality birch
  • 16.50” diameter
  • Laser-etched contours and landmarks
  • Powered by a single AA battery
  • Ready to hang

Our Price: $79.95