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Carved Lake Art believes in giving back. We are proud to offer a scholarship to one blessed recipient.

Think Ahead Scholarship

Carved Lake Art is known for our love for water and our beautifully carved chart maps that last for a really long time. But did you know that we love to give back, too? We reach out yearly to high school students all over the world to offer a chance of winning 1500 U.S. dollars.

Scholarship Program

For this year, we have the

Think Ahead Scholarship to encourage high school students to start thinking about the future of the nature that we love. Since we love lakes and seas, we want to promote the need to take care of them, as well as the living creatures in these waters.

We will reward a bright mind who will give us insightful thoughts on “Preserving Aquatic Ecosystems” through an essay with 1000 words. Just give us a background on the current state of freshwater and marine life, and discuss what people can do to maintain or improve the current condition of aquatic ecosystems.

Send the essay (.docx) to scholarship@carvedlakeart.com with files/documents listed below.

Other requirements :

o Admission slip/enrollment confirmation

o Biography (100 words)

o Basic personal information (include home/ school address and contact number)


Email should be sent before May 15, 2018.

Announcement of winner will follow by May 31 2018.

Important reminders:

1. APPLICATION IS FREE. No payments will be collected.

2. We do not allow all previous winners to join the Think Ahead Scholarship.

3. Carved Lake Art values confidentiality. We will not use your personal information and enrollment slip for purposes other than identification and communication needed for this scholarship.

4. The essay you will send may be published in our website. Permission to do so is automatically granted once you send us your entries for this scholarship.

Congratulations Sami! Beautiful job on a Multimedia presentation. We wish you well.

Click Here to see the Winning Essay!

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