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3D Nautical Wood Carved Chart: International Waters

Venturing into international waters means casting away the ordinary. Nothing captures the spirit and charisma of far-flung waters better than our artistic 3D wood maps. Of course, these strikingly beautiful carved maps of international waterways are more than just striking decor. They're incredibly detailed, accurate maps that show topographic features and bring bodies of water to vivid life.

These nautical wood charts - international waters make a perfect gift for the water lover with a serious sense of wanderlust. Romantic and realistic at the same time, each map is crafted to reflect the nature of faraway places ranging from Lake Ontario to the Gulf of Mexico to the Virgin Islands. Browse our selection, and you'll see that it's easy to get swept away with our captivating international topographic maps.

Antigua Baja Peninsula Grand Cayman Island
Gulf of Mexico Ireland Italy
Jamaica Lake Ontario Virgin Islands